Step 1

Find a Realtor

  • Meet the Realtor who is the best fit for you
  • Commit to working with one real estate professional
  • Discuss with your realtor your home search wants and needs
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Finding a competent and experienced buyer’s realtor with local expertise will start you on the right path of your homebuying journey. A buyer’s realtor is there to guide you through the home buying process, protect your money, and negotiate for you while keeping the process as stress-free as possible, so be sure you feel comfortable with them. They have access to resources(lenders, inspectors, search programs, and more) and experience with the process, so you can focus on finding your perfecthome, and not on learning real estate sales. And, the services of a buyer’s realtor are paid for by the seller, not you, so use them!

Step 2

Mortgage Pre-approval

  • Interview lenders to find someone who fits you and your needs
  • Learn your true purchasing power by getting a full pre-approval
  • Review the costs involved with buying, and begin budgeting and saving for your purchase
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Getting a great lender can save you money and make your offers a lot more competitive. They will also help you understand and plan for everything finance related: credit score, down payments, closings costs, interest rates and more. Be sure you find someone who explains all of your expected costs to you. They should tell you what your monthly payments will look like along with what your closing costs should be.

Step 3

House Hunting

  • Now starts the fun! Use the Kendrick Realty property search tools to find great homes
  • Tell your Kendrick Realtor which homes you are interested in, and let your Realtor schedule private home tours for you
  • Keep notes and running list of likes, dislikes, and questions about properties
  • Update your realtor on any changes in your wants and needs
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Now starts the fun part! Search online and with your realtor’s help to find new homes. Your realtor will coordinate private home tours on your schedule, and get you facts and details about the home that don’t show up on the internet. Be sure when you are searching for homes to keep notes, and continually update your list of “must-have” and “nice-to-have”, to help narrow down your search. Your realtor should also be sending you properties as soon as, or even before they hit the market, so you stay ahead of the competition.

Search for Homes

Step 4

Offers and Negotiation

  • You found a home you love – now it’s time to write an offer!
  • Your Kendrick Realtor will present you with community pricing and analysis to help you decide on the best price and terms for your offer
  • Your Kendrick Realtor will draft and review your purchase contract with you
  • Your Kendrick Realtor will gather your offer and supporting documents and present the completed package to the Seller’s team
  • If the Seller counters your offer, your Kendrick Realtor will help you negotiate on final terms to close the deal.
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When you find the home for you, it’s time to decide on offer terms. Price is a key part, as are other components such as financing terms, concessions or requests of the seller, and timelines for the purchase. Your realtor will perform a market analysis to determine the best offer price, help put together your best offer, and advocate for you to the seller. They will also negotiate with the sellers, in the event of a counter-offer. A good realtor knows how to look at the whole picture use the different components of an offer, not just purchase price, to get your offer accepted on the most favorable terms.

Step 5

Home Inspections

  • The most common inspections are Home, Pest and Roof inspections. Ask your Kendrick Realtor which inspections are right for you.
  • Your Kendrick Realtor will schedule inspections to give you a detailed report on the condition of the property
  • Negotiate with the Seller on any repairs to be done or credits to be given
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This is your chance to kick the tires on the home and make sure you aren’t falling into a money pit. Choosing a good inspector is important, as they will identify any issues with the home, and help to understand their severity. You are also free to negotiate again with the seller to revise the terms of the offer, if you are not satisfied with the condition of the home. Here your realtor is involved every step of the way, recommending and scheduling inspections, negotiating, and ensuring you stay within your contract contingencies.

Step 6

Final Approvals

  • Submit all lender requested paperwork and final payments into escrow
  • Conduct a final walk through to verify property condition
  • Negotiate with the seller on any repairs to be done or credits to be given
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The last hurdles of the Escrow process typically involve the lender. It is essential you get your lender all the requested paperwork as soon as possible. Something that may seem small to you may be a critical piece of paperwork that can hold up the purchase of your house.

Final Step


  • Your Kendrick Realtor will schedule your signing of all loan documents at a time and location convenient for you – even in your own home or office!
  • Record the transfer of title at the county recorder’s office
  • Get your keys and move in!
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This is when you get the keys to your new home! Well first, there is the signing of loan documents, title documents, and finally recording the sale with the county. At closing, be prepared to pay closing costs, such as third-party fees for the transaction. These vary greatly city to city and even sale to sale, and often include lender fees, title and escrow fees, county and city fees, and more. Your lender should discuss closing costs long before the close of escrow. If not, ask your realtor for more information.

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